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Life as a observation

What does it mean to live a life? What are the values you stand by and what do they mean to you? Why do you celebrate those values? When you compare yourself to someone, how do you do it? My life seems to be boring to other people, what most people hate in there daily lives is what I love? So I will be, viewing a living documentary of people’s lives. While I do this I will uncover my new learnt lessons and later write about how I will apply them to
My life. I will be interviewing three different people over the next couple weeks, I will make a miniature story based on there values, life meanings, ect. I would love if my audience would help me, with tips on interviewing and so forth. Please leave comments. Before I start this I will try a one week observation period and will take notes from my observations.


Stealing Man… Not cool

Guilt, sadness, pity, remorse and sadness, this is what i feel for the people who have had things stolen from them. Today someone close to me lost there valuables (cell phone,gps,ect). It makes me look at the world in such a distrustful way. It makes me think of the values our society is raised on and rewards of they’re crimes. How can anyone be satisfied or have no remorse form stealing, cheating and damaging property. When you look at the stats for steal it is real sad.
Just look at these link below!

How can one be with no guilt if they have done something they wouldn’t talk to their parents or to the public about.
Please.. Readers to the right thing never steal, cheat, lie

Are today’s youth really in a state of moral decay


Batman in Toronto

I recently came in counter with this funny video on YouTube called Toronto batman. The impersonator follicles around the downtown area; yelling lines such as “where are they” or “swear at me”. The impersonator is becoming increasingly popular on YouTube, he has reached +1 million hits. When I watch this video; I burst into laughter because of the utter imitation of his act. He seem if he is going after a cristisn bail kind of batman. I think the best part of the video was when he entered the convenient store and tryed to tackle the task of unwrapping a hot-rod. This video seems similar to another video i viewed by a international prankster group called improvtoronto. I have the videos posted, please enjoy 🙂
Thank for reading my first post.

Toronto Batman”>href=””>Toronto Batman

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