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Milk our undercover enemy!!

Hello my friends, I just wanted to spreads some light on a topic, I feel should be should gets some attention. ****warning I’m a true libertarian (a Canadian one at that) this is strictly my opinion, so don’t be hatin on me y’all hear. I know there some people out there that share my opinion.***

There seems to be a lot of confusion among the public about the safety of drinking milk. Now I know that in the big ol us of a has different regulation on milk ( don’t worry my friends I’ll talk about the united states milk industry later. First of all milk don’t need in the human diet. Many people think that by drink milk, they are strengthening their bones and increasing their calcium intake. Those people are fools, but what they’re digesting is that healthy for themselves. The main problem I have with it, is the Casein!. Now Now, don’t jump off your pig man, I’m not against dairy products all together, I believe yogurt is healthy (not only because it doesn’t contain casein) but it also has bacteria that is very healthy for you. Milk (like refined sugar) can be a fertilizing (better) habitat for cancers, liver illness, obesity and especially osteoporosis. Countries that have high protein diets (milk and dairy) are most likely to receive osteoporosis according to CIA worlds book. According to Dr. Oz the consumption of calcium and dairy products increase the risk of prostate cancer for men by 30-50 percent.The amount of cholesterol that head to yo ass is heavy, 3 glasses of milk is the same amount as eating 53 slices of bacon. Also, dairy products are the reason why high body levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 — a known cancer promoter rises, ya dig my fellow. I have a solution!!!!!


1) don’t drink milk as much or stop drinking it all together, switch to almond milk ****not soy milk (destroys sex hormones in males and females) , I’m a man, I want to say a man, I want to have baby’s if you know what I mean wink wink.

2) don’t drink milk as much or stop drinking it all together, switch to greek yogurt ( less casein)

3) don’t drink milk as much or stop drinking it all together, switch to calcium pills.

4) Do what you want, I’m not going to force ya.

***in rush edit later**


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One thought on “Milk our undercover enemy!!

  1. Milk, or as I call it Cow Secretions. Yummy, doesn’t that sound tasty?

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