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Handy list of phrases not to say to people when busy/pissed off

Have you ever been in a situation where you were busy and some prick was annoying you. Well I know I have? Is the face that you wear that says I don’t really give a shit and get the fuck out of my face expression when angry just not enough for you. Well, I have a great list of things you should never say to anyone ever, while you are stressed or happy.

On phone call that is wasting important time for you.

1. Could you put me on speaker….ok now take a step back buddy…ok I want you to listen to me very closely…..I want you…….TO literally take a another step back AND FUCK Your Own Face You Mother Fucking prick..hang up

2. You disgusting little scum…how many time have I told don’t call me if it isn’t urgent..hang up

3. Call jack in here, he needs to hear this….. Ok is jack here?…ok jack the janitor right?…jack I want you to punch this little ass whip in the fuck nose really really fucking hard..go hang up

In office working and busy

1. Hey hey hey, could I see you outside right now, I have something very important to tell you…later outside…you fuck dumbass why the fuck are you still standing here..just go the fuck away

2. Hey is that you new iPad wow so cool… Mind if I take look go at it… Pull out a revolver your revolver and shoot that bitch

More next week….


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