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Obama, SECRETLY Revolutionizing the U.S. Tax System!

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Will Tell
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Tuesday representative Tom McClintock (R) from California’s fourth district spoke on the floor of the house chamber in regards to governments tax laws and behavior therein. Specifically the taxing of nonprofits was the issue the congressman addressed. Over the years we have all heard Obama discuss the need to revolutionize the country’s tax system.  Apparently he did not want to wait for traditional change [other wise knows as proper channels] because some unprecedented changes at the IRS have already taken place without transparecy.  What I found very peculiar was most of the American public was unaware of the changes sweeping the nation. 

For example, under this “progressive” administration the manner in which non-profits and the government interact has been fundamentally changed to reflect the vision Barack Obama has for this country.  As explained by representative McClintock on the floor of the…

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