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Left Alone By Parents, Toddler Injured After Fall From Window

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CBS Detroit

PONTIAC (WWJ) – A couple has been arrested after the two allegedly left their two-year-old home alone, where she was injured.

Police said it was early Sunday when the child fell out of a window. She then knocked on a neighbor’s door on Center Street, near Auburn and South Paddock.

Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said the child is OK. He said the girl’s the father told police that she had a history of trying to climb out the window.

“A young child, a little over two, had knocked on the door of a home, she was clothed only in a diaper, looked like she had abarsions on her body, and some paint on her leg, so they obviously called police and we responded. Further investiation revealed that the child had fallen out of a second story window after being left home alone,” said Bouchard.

Police said the father claims…

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Backyards I’d like to have

4 Vintage Radio Shows

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Fiat Kicks Off ‘Drive for the Fans’ Social Media Contest

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CBS Detroit

AUBURN HILLS — To commemorate the first “Fiat 500 Abarth Driving Experience,” Fiat has selected five Facebook fans to participate at a special inauguration drive event taking place in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 26.

The five Facebook participants will team up with five automotive bloggers, five lifestyle bloggers and five professional drivers in a series of driving challenges. The teams will compete for a variety of trips and prizes on behalf of other Fiat Facebook fans (contestants) online.

To enter, contestants can visit and click on the “Drive for the Fans” tab. Fiat Facebook fans will be able to select their favorite team and enter for a chance to win a drive experience for themselves in one of six Fiat Abarth Driving Experience locations across the country. In addition to selecting their favorite team, the “Drive for the Fans” tab also will allow contestants to track the score…

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Why “GIRLS” Is The WORST New Show On TV

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Fine Line Creative Turns 10

CBS Detroit

MUSKEGON — The full service marketing and creative firm FineLine Creative has kicked off a year-long celebration of its 10th anniversary.

“I’m extremely proud of what we’ve achieved for ourselves and our clients,” said Laura Holmes, the company’s co-founder. “The last five years in particular have been transformational as marketing efforts have changed dramatically with the growing demand for online or Web-based advertising, social media and targeted email marketing. Our firm has remained committed to fast changing trends to ensure our clients receive the most impact from all their marketing efforts.”

Added co-founder and creative communication director Yvonne McKessy: “Each FineLine team member brings volumes of experience to the table and a unique perspective. The advantage at FineLine is team chemistry, integrity, ingenuity and continual drive to create distinct visual solutions that deliver results.”

FineLine’s core services include brand strategy, graphic design and digital and Web-based marketing for small and medium-sized clients…

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Webasto Offers Sunroof App

CBS Detroit

FENTON — Webasto Products North America Friday announced their new mobile Sunroof Compatibility Guide.

Webasto has developed a very user-friendly guide for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that is available as a free download through the iTunes App Store. Simply search within the iTunes App Store for “Webasto Sunroof Compatibility Guide,” and download for immediate use.

The mobile app will allow users to select the year, make and model of a vehicle and determine which Webasto sunroofs are compatible for that vehicle.

To find a complete list of Webasto’s exclusive group of Authorized Installers or to learn more about the full line of Webasto Sunroofs, visit or call (800) 215-7010.

Webasto North America is a subsidiary of Stockdorf, Germany-based Webasto Group. More at

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Challenge Detroit Selects 66 Finalists

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CBS Detroit

DETROIT — Challenge Detroit said Friday that it had selected 66 finalists in the competition to work, live, play and give for a year in Detroit.

The selections were made based on a review from Challenge Detroit judges, the online community vote, and the input of Challenge Detroit’s host companies.

More than 17,000 individuals voted for their favorite semi-finalists resulting in a huge increase in awareness for our program and the good things happening in Detroit. We appreciate your vote and continued support of Challenge Detroit.

You can now meet the finalists by visiting

In just a few weeks, the finalists will come to Detroit for a two-day event including interviews with host companies, a tour of the city, and the opportunity to engage in a mini team challenge.   Stay tuned for the announcement of the 30 Challenge Detroit participants at the end of May. The participants…

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Why Morality Presupposes God’s Existence

[Note: Please read this essayin its entirety in order not to misunderstand what I am saying.]

Many atheists are good people, in the sense that they don’t live only for themselves but help others, give money to charitable organizations, serve their country, truly care for their family and friends, and don’t wish to hurt anybody. It is quite right that they should point out, when debating atheism with a theist, that nobody is justified in
jumping to the unwarranted conclusion that merely because they do not believe in God (or “a god”), they are morally corrupt and bad people. Holding to atheism doesn’t necessarily make them morally depraved, so they argue, and while there are morally
depraved atheists (mentioning names would be superfluous, I believe, but Howard Stern comes to mind), not all atheists are like that. There are many “good” atheists, so to speak.

While atheists are quite right about this
(there are plenty of people who are virtuous but don’t believe in God), the philosophical challenge I wish to present (or rather, re- present, for I am by no means the first one to do so) is that there is simply no reason for an atheist to be and do good. Let me make this clear:

While atheists are quite right about this
(there are plenty of people who are virtuous but don’t believe in God), the philosophical challenge I wish to present (or rather, re- present, for I am by no means the first one to do so) is that there is simply no reason for an atheist to be and do good. Let me make this clear:

If God doesn’t exist, nothing matters.


If God doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter if
you’re good or bad, if you help in emergency efforts or are one of those people who fly planes into buildings. It doesn’t matter, if there is no God, whether you donate selflessly to a Pro-Life organization or if you are an abortionist. It just doesn’t matter. If
this is all there is to life, if no one ever has to give an account of what he’s done, if there is no one who rewards and punishes, what’s it all matter? Why not just look out for yourself, maximize the pleasures and minimize the pains of life? Why not have fun and let everyone else suffer? Who cares if someone is being treated unjustly, as long as you’re feeling great? I mean, if there is no God and I simply cease to exist after death,
whether I’ve been a Mother Theresa or a Howard Stern, a St. Nicholas or a Mao Rae- Dong, why not be totally selfish and leave everything and everyone else behind?

This might seem shocking to many. But if you really think about it, it’s true. It doesn’t matter how many children die each year if there is no God. There is no reason why I should help anyone or care for anyone at all. Common sense and compassion, which we (hopefully) all possess, compels us to reject
such an idea that nothing matters and that we should only watch out for ourselves. But there is no reasonable answer to why we shouldn’t,

if God does not exist

Pretty much any atheist, I certainly hope, would be totally repulsed by the idea that there is no reason not to look out only for ourselves if there is no God. But why? It cannot be demonstrated rationally , so the only basis the atheist has for maintaining at least a minimal account of morality is emotion. It just doesn’t seem right to hurt other people, to steal from others, to cause
pain to the innocent. It just doesn’t feel right. But there is absolutely no rational reason an atheist could bring forward to
defend his living an at least minimally moral life.

What I am NOT Saying I am prone to be misunderstood here, so I
want to spell out precisely what I do and do not mean here. I doNOT mean to convey that
• all atheists are immoral all atheists should
• be immoral immorality is unique to atheists or
•necessarily connected to them one cannot learn morality or how to be
•moral unless one believes in God
[because even though many recognize
the moral law (natural law), they do not
reason further to the existence of the
moral lawgiver, God]

What I AM Saying On the other hand, here is what I do affirm:

•endorsing atheism makes it impossible to offer any rational arguments for why one should be moral, i.e. do good and avoid evil

Somehow, though, it is deep in everyone’s heart (for lack of a better term) that it is wrong to torture babies and getting a “kick” out of it, and that it is right to help and protect them instead.

What accounts for this? The atheist has no answer, except that he might say that it is simply a psychological defect in our brain that needs to be overcome, i.e. it is true that there are no reasons to be moral and therefore no one has an obligation to be moral and can just do whatever he likes. With this explanation, the atheist can save his atheism, but utters a most disgusting thing, namely that it does not matter whether one hurts innocent children, for instance, or not. Hardly anyone would affirm such a thing, though.

The only other answer I can think of that an
atheist might give is that there is a sort of
innate tendency that tells us that we ought
to do good and avoid evil for merely
pragmatic, i.e. practical, purposes. They
might think it is a sort of trait of evolution (in which most of them believe), one that
accounts for the fact that mankind has
survived until this very day. After all, if
everyone only cared for his own self, his
own pleasure, and not about anyone else, it
seems likely that mankind would not have survived very long. But this possible answer
has its problems: so what if mankind doesn’t survive very long? Who cares?
Remember, the atheist doesn’t believe in
God, and hence he can see no real meaning in life (ask Jean-Paul Sartre!). Why should anything or anyone care if mankind wil exist for a long time? This type of atheist response presupposes either the existence of God, who wishes mankind to live long, or that it is somehow meaningful or objectively
good that mankind should survive a long time. But such a presupposition would posit that there is a real good (and evil), which, however, had earlier been explained away as a merely pragmatic trait of evolution.

Thus, neither possible atheist answer can account for the fact that everyone knows, deep down, that certain things ought to be done and others ought to be condemned and avoided. (Not everyone may agree precisely what that is, but there is a sort of minimal basis everyone can agree on, e.g. it is wrong
to torture helpless widows, etc.–I call this “ethical minimalism.”)

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